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Yet another night of excellent MMA at Total Combat 28

Danny Mitchell of the Asylum & Manvers Fight Factory in Doncaster, did no harm to his growing reputation as one of the toughest welterweights in Europe, as he took on and defeated Runar 'The Viking' Gundersen or Norway on Saturday night.
Both fighters showed great respect for each other, feeling each other out in the opening moments of round one. As round one passed the half way mark both fighters were trading kicks, punches and demonstrating their groundwork in what was definitely the most exciting fight of the night. Mitchell taking victory back to South Yorkshire after a real hard slog, much to the delight of his loyal fans.

Pete Hill of West Yorkshire Combat Base defeated the big hearted Ryan Scope of Sunderland JuJitsu & MMA Club. Although young Scope didn't win his fight, he was awarded the official Fighter of the Night, presented to him by special guest Buzz Berry.

Total Combat 28 MMA Fight 1

Total Combat 28 MMA Fight 2

Total Combat 28 MMA Fight 3

Total Combat 28 MMA Fight 4

Total Combat 28 MMA Fight 5

Total Combat 28 MMA Fight 6



Glen Fowler (Shildon Phoenix Thai Boxing) Defeated Carl “Smashing Machine” Joyce (Ferryhill M.M.A Club).


Stephen “Slick” Cusick (Scotland The Battlefield Gym Glasgow) Defeated Craig McCormack (Ferryhill MMA Club).


Dean Black Dean Black (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club) Defeated Luke Dixon (Hull M.M.A).

Wayne Coxon (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club) Defeated Alan “Turbo” Miller (Ferryhill MMA Club).

Steven Hall (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club) Defeated Carl Boon (Ferryhill MMA Club).

Michael Connolly (Sunderland Combat Forum Ju-Jitsu Club) Defeated Neil Robins (Chester-le-Street MMA).

“Magic” Maciej Siembab Maciej Siembab (Poland - The Battlefield Gym Glasgow) Defeated Daggon “Hitman” Hewitt (Ferryhill MMA Club).

Mick “The Brick” Lens (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & M.M.A Club) Defeated Mick Butler (Sunderland Combat Forum Ju Jitsu Club).

Amar Aszal (Leeds True Spirit MMA Club) Defeated Lewis Fawcett (Ferryhill M.M.A Club).

Mark Platts (Gracie Barra Newcastle) Defeated Adam Steele (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & MMA Club).

Doni Miller (Scotland Glasgow Freestyle Fighters) Defeated Davey Grant (Ferryhill MMA Club).

Pete “Dirty” Hill (West Yorkshire Combat Base Pontefract) Defeated Ryan Scope (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & MMA Club).


Danny Mitchell (Doncaster The Asylum & Manvers Fight Factory) Defeated Andy McQueen (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & MMA Club).

Runar “The Viking” Gundersen (Norway - Leeds True Spirit MMA) Defeated Paul Thompson (Carlisle Stuart Hall's Vale Tudo).

Lee “The Yankee” Keegan (Leeds True Spirit MMA Club) Defeated Michael Briggs (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & MMA Club).

Anth “The Terrier” Grecian (Sunderland Ju-Jitsu & MMA Club) Defeated Ingolf Nielsen (Gracie Barra Newcastle).


David “Bam Bam” Laverick Defeated Jonny Bilton
Mark “GroundKeeperWillie” Platts Defeated Adam Steele

Report: 23 February 2009 - Photos by: Dave Roberts

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