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Capacity Crowd at the Best Champions Yet

A packed house at the Cedar Court Hotel - Bradford saw the best Champions event thus far as Champions III took flight. Fifteen fights in all, bringing a mixed martial arts card of amateur, semi pro and professional MMA to the ring in the centre of West Yorkshire.

The Champions MMA UK, Fight One

The Champions MMA UK, Fight Two

The Champions MMA UK, Fight Three

The Champions MMA UK, Fight Four

The Champions MMA UK, The Proposal

The Champions MMA UK, Fight Six

The Champions MMA UK, Fight Seven

The Champions MMA UK, Fight Eight

Nigel Halmshaw defeated Imran Sarwar in the closing moments via a side choke. Then Nij Wright took out Adam Khan with a guillotine in round 1.38 in round one. Steve Smith beat James Parker via and achilles trap at 1.08 into round one. Then a ground and pound TKO victory for Dave Allen who defeated Wasim Akram in round one. Sean Williams defeated Dean Thorpe in round one, by triangle choke.
Then the first of two flying armbars on the night, as Kam Patel defeated Martin Sheridan in round one. Followed immediately by flying armbar number two, when John McGurgan took out Chris Gaskin in the first round too.

The rising star James 'Scraps' Saville added another victory to his unbeaten record of 3 fights and 3 wins. He beat Tom Cunnington in round one by armbar.
The delighted Billy Glossop won his debut fight against Peter Rejdovjan in round one. Neil Hall told me afterwards that he though Scraps was a 'Great Fighter".

Andy Krlic went on to defeat Paul Durber in round two via a key lock. Then Declan Williams won a judges split decision against James Martin.

Qasim Shafiq won a unanimous decision against Mathew Earnshaw. Then Mark Chen won against Mark Alderidge via armbar.

Phil Hoban then did the double whammy by defeating Adao Ernesto via ground and pound. But then, Phil proposed to his now fiancee Nikita to cheers from the audience. Nikita (I hope I have the spelling right) was clearly not expecting this romantic gesture, although she seemed delighted and accepted Mr Charm's proposal.

And then the on to heavyweight pro fight between Richie Ryder of Liverpool v Pawel Wydzinski of Poland. This was a real battle, both fighters exchanging punches, kicks, knees, throws and grappling too.
The first round saw Ryder receive a slight cut over his right eye, but both fighters ended covered in the claret. At the end of round two, both fighters were looking tired and bruised. Then half way through round three, it became clear that both fighters had dispelled every ounce of their energy, so referee Neil Hall called an end to the contest, neither fighter were able to follow his instruction to stand and fight. It then went to the judges who declared the fight a draw.

Another great night of MMA for fight fans.

Champions III Results Card

  • Nigel Halmshaw defeated Imran Sarwar in round 2. Time: 4.03. By a side choke.
  • Nij Wright defeated Adam Khan in round 1. Time: 1.38. By a guillotine.
  • Steve Smith defeated James Parker in round 1. Time: 1.08. By achilies trap.
  • Dave Allen defeated Wasim Akram in round 1. Time: 1.19. By TKO due to ground and pound.
  • Sean Williams defeated Dean Thorpe in round 1. Time: 3.50. By triangle choke.
  • Kam Patel defeated Martin Sheridan in round 1. Time: 4.32. By flying armbar.
  • John McGurgan defeated Chris Gaskin in round 1. Time: 2.33. By flying armbar.
  • James Saville defeated Tom Cunnington in round 1. Time 45 secs. By armbar.
  • Billy Glossop defeated Peter Rejdovjan in round 1. Time: 3.59. By armbar.
  • Andy Krlic defeated Paul Durber in round 2. Time: 2.07. By key lock.
  • Declan Williams defeated James Martin. Judges split decision.
  • Qasim Shafiq defeated Mathew Earnshaw. Judges unanimous decision.
  • Mark Chen defeated Mark Alderidge in round 1. Time: 1.35. By armbar.
  • Phil Hoban defeated Adao Ernesto GNP
  • Richie Ryder v Pawel Wydzinski. Ref Stoppage = Draw

Report: 24 November 2008

Images by: Dave Roberts

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