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Pride & Glory's Rise of the Phoenix Fight Results With Pics

The U.K. v Poland MMA Fight Off

The North East of England hosted yet another fantastic night of mixed martial arts. This time promoted by Mick Nokes and held at the Scotswood Social Club in Newcastle upon Tyne. Hard core MMA fans braved one of the worst nights of torrential rain and headed out to experience a full night of amateur, semi pro and professional mma fights.

Mick Nokes put together a class schedule with fighters from across the North of England and Scotland taking on some of the best MMA fighters out of Poland. Delighted Scotsman 'Jim Moir' said it was great to come back into the cage and walk out with a win under his belt following over a year without a fight. His coach Bob Cassidy from the Evolution MMA Fight Team said he was proud of his team and all his fighters had shown they are a force to be reckoned with.

Whilst 'Mabsy' head coach from the True Spirit MMA club in Leeds said he was also delighted with the performance of his fighters. I caught up with Tomasz Wisniewski on Friday night at the True Spirit gym in Leeds and asked him for his prediction of how the fight would go, he said "I saw Ken Dugay fighting at the Champions in Bradford and he is a tough man, but I think I have the advantage on the ground and I will want to beat him in the first round." A prediction that came true as he beat Kenny Dugay in round one with a tap out by Kimura.

Also fighting in the Polish corner was kamil Krzeminski who said he was just going to do his job and was also proud to be representing Poland in the U.K. v Poland fight off. Indeed Fight Live's fight of the night goes to the win by Kamil Kreminski against Karl Merry. These two gladiators of the cage really got it on big time, exchanging punches and plenty of BJJ for those ground work fans. Merry really gave Kreminski a real battle as he slammed him to the ground time after time. But Kreminski kept control and never let Merry dominate either standing or in his own territory - on the ground. Finally in a fight that seemed much longer, Merry tapped out close to the end of round two, battered and bruised.

Pride & Glory MMA Fight 1

Pride & Glory MMA Fight 2

Pride & Glory MMA Fight 3

Pride & Glory MMA Fight 4

Not strictly a U.K. v Poland line up, the results were:

Amateur MMA

Paul White won - v Paul Hartley. Verbal Tap.
Brett Nokes won - v Ryan Russell


Ben Fahey won v Mikey

Semi Pro MMA

Jim Moir won - v 'Deano' Dean Thorpe - KO
Kris Michaloski won - v Dale Russell
Matty Wall won - v Dave Coffey - Front Choke

K1 Kickboxing

Rob Mills won v - Sandy Geddes

MMA Professionals
Tomasz Wisniewski won - v Kenny Dugay - Top of the Bill fight - R1/Tap out via Kimura
Kamil Kreminski won - v Karl Merry - Round TKO. Fight Live (Fight of the Night)
Garry Morris won - v Marcin - Verbal Tap

Report: Sat 6th Sept 08 | Photos by: Dave Roberts

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