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Ground Zero One

The first ever Ground Zero MMA show was launched in Newcastle last night, with no less than 10 fights for the entertainment of excited Geordie fight fans.

As Ian 'The Machine' Freeman noted, the atmosphere was electric and the noise was deafening. The local crowd got right behind all the fighters from the young amateurs - right through to the professionals for an opening night to remember.

The North East of England is becoming a real Mecca for MMA nowadays, with several venues putting on excellent shows and this was yet another great show.

Ground Zero MMA Fight Pic 1

Ground Zero MMA Fight Pic 2

Ground Zero MMA Fight Pic 3

Ground Zero MMA Fight Pic 4

Ground Zero MMA Fight Pic 5

The two young lads Ryan Russell and Jordan Pearce fought like there was no tomorrow in their amateur rules MMA bout, young Jordan was clearly overcome with awe in the presence of Ian Freeman, Ian said afterwards that the pleasure of meeting these young fighters was all his.

Just like many MMA events, the fight card changed a bit along the way, but how often do you see the promoter stand in and yes, that is just what happened. Paul 'Death Wish' (the promoter) took on Jim Burn in a KI fight. Death Wish was knocked senseless by an accidental and illegal knee to the head, but admitted to me later that he was defeated due to the sheer power of Jim's leg kicks. Paul said "I could not stand those leg kicks."

Death Wish not only stepped up at the last minute, but also had the duty (as the promoter) of fastening the belt around the waist of his victorious opponent. A true sporting gesture.

Ken Ayree defeated Sam Sexton by judges decision, Paul (Death Wish) said in a press release that he owed Sam a huge thanks as he had stepped in and took the fight to help him out.

Alan Craig v Lee Tyson put on a great fight to the delight of the crowd, both fighters exchanged a barrage of kicks and punches. The fight went the distance and was declared a draw.

Tomasz Wisniewski defeated Dave Wilson in round one by ground & pound, Tomasz told me Dave had tested him, but his confidence grows and grows as this heavy weight fighter just keeps on winning. MMA fight fans will want to watch out for Tomasz Wisniewski v Rob Davison in their heavyweight title fight - taking place at Rainton Meadows Arena on November 29th: For details - MMA Total Combat

Alex Enlund defeated Mark Aldrige by armbar in round one in this top of the bill featherweight MMA bout.

More result details can be seen in the Cage Warriors Forum Thread.

Report: 4th Nov 2008 - Images by: Dave Roberts

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