Fightzone Report & Results

No less than 12 great fights on the card for this daytime event, at the Roker Hotel, on the sea front of Sunderland.

The show opened with a 66kg win for Daniel Bowes who defeated his opponent Robbie Harbison by a unanimous decision. Then on to the next amateur bout with novice fighters Darren Fawcett (York/Selby) vs Stefan Dziurzynski (Poland). I caught up with the totally focussed Fawcett the night before, he told me he had been training hard and was happy to stand up or go to the ground with Stefan and they did both in the cage. The fight started with Fawcett landing a couple of hard right kicks into the upper left leg of Dziurzynski. Then to the ground with Dziurzynski on top of Fawcett, lifting and slamming Darren hard a couple of times. Fawcett kept a cool head, unfazed by either his opponent or his first appearance in the cage, he passed Dziurzynski's guard and caught him in a triangle, Dziurzynski was left with no option but to tap at 1 minute 34 seconds of round one.

66kg Title fight Jay Furness Vs O Okunnu ended in a draw with O Okunnu retaining his much coveted belt, to defend on another day. Furness's corner were keen to see an additional and deciding round. Clearly the feeling in the Furness camp, being that their fighter looked stronger in the final round.

78kg Billy Glossop won against Neil Duncan via a split decision in an exciting and fast moving fight. Both fighters putting on a great show for the fans. The delighted Glossop making a victorious comeback following his TKO at TC27 back in December 08, that fight ended with Billy nursing cracked ribs. I asked Billy afterwards how his ribs were. With a big beaming smile, he answered "Mended."

The top of the bill fight was all done and dusted in no less than 30 seconds, with a mission accomplished for Dave Elliot, he defeated Tommy Grieves via rear naked choke.

Fightzone Results Card

Amateur MMA

66kg Daniel Bowes defeated Robbie Harbison - Unaminous dec.
88kg Darren Fawcett defeated Stefan Dziurzynski - triangle rd1 1min 34secs.
93kg+ Stew Ashcroft defeated Dan Clifton - split decison.
66kg Title Jay Furness Vs O Okunnu - draw.

Semi Pro MMA

62kg Mickey Wilson defeated Aldo Waugh Split Dec.
82kg Josh Dilcock Vs Steven Fenwick - draw.
78kg Billy “The Kid” Glossop defeated Neil "Buns of steel" Duncan - split dec.
62kg Shaj Haque defeated Niall Purvis - armbar rd2 3min 22secs.
65.8kg Title Mark "Groundskeeper Willie" Platts defeated Afzul "Mama" Miah - unaminous dec.
U80kg Chris Collins defeated Graham Langly - armbar rd1 1min 37secs.


73kg Mark Mills defeated Chris Whitehouse - tko rd1 3m 11secs.
70kg Dave "Speedy" Elliot defeated Tommy “Gun” Grieves - Rnc rd1 30secs.

Report: 30th March 2009. Images by: Dave Roberts

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