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Rendall Munroe Retains EBU Super Bantamweight Boxing Title

Rendall Munroe defeated Kiko Martinez in front of a packed house, at the Barnsley Metrodome last night. Only twelve months ago Munroe pulled of a win against Martinez that shocked the boxing pundits, but then went on to defeat Salem Bouaita, forcing him to quit after 7 rounds.

Rendall Munroe vs Kiko Martinez Round 1

Rendall Munroe vs Kiko Martinez Round 2

Rendall Munroe vs Kiko Martinez Round 3

Rendall Munroe vs Kiko Martinez Round 1

Rendall Munroe With Title Belt Held Above His Head

Now Munroe has laid any doubts to rest, as last night he out-punched and out-classed the Spanish boxer, to retain the coveted title of the European Boxing Union's Super Bantamweight Champion.

Fought over 12 x 3 minute rounds, Munroe never looked anything less than a champion. With Frank Maloney in his corner encouraging him to keep taking the fight to Martinez, he did just that with round after round of some of the finest boxing you could ever wish to see.

Also on the card was Sunderland's very own Olympic medal winner, Tony 'Jaffa' Jeffries, making his profession boxing debut. He totally overwhelmed his Belarussian opponent 'Aliaksandr Vayavoda'. The referee called an end to the fight after only two minutes forty two seconds of round one. Vayavoda was unable to defend himself against Jaffa's powerful onslaught.

Tony Jeffries Beats Aliaksandr Vayavoda

Ajose Olusegun stopped Scott Haywood half way through the seventh round, delivering hooks from both hands and forcing Haywood onto the ropes. Time after time Olusegun drove Haywood into the corders of the ring, ending Scotts dream of winning the Commonwealth Lightweight Title.

Ajose Olusegun Knocks Out Scott Haywood

Ajose Olusegun Out Boxing Out Scott Haywood

Cardiff’s Gary “Dynamo” Buckland regained the Celtic lightweight Title by defeating Craig Docherty, in what can only be described as a convincing victory. Winning every round, Buckland never looked anything less that dangerous, with those lightning fast hands, constantly hitting the target.

Buckland is now hoping to go on and fight for the British or Commonwealth title.

Boxer Gary Buckland regains the Celtic lightweight boxing Title by defeating Craig Docherty

It has to be said, Frank Maloney's website carries the slogan "No Baloney With Frank Maloney".

Maloney has declared his intentions to become the U.K.'s number one boxing promoter in 2009. If last night's card is anything to go by, then he is already heading in the right direction. A fantastic night of professional boxing to a delighted audience.

Report: 28 February 2009. Photos by: Dave Roberts.

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