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Battleground V Fightzone

I'm not sure if there ever was a completed fight card for this Middlesborough show - originally billed as Battleground v Fightzone. On the night it had evolved into an international contest, with fighters from around the U.K., plus fighters from France and Austria taking part. Promoter Cliff Pollard told me he'd had a hell of a time matching fighters, with many of the originals pulling out for one reason or another. He was still working on the fixtures right up and until the night of the show.

With all that in mind, it could have been a complete flop, but in reality it was another great show for mixed martial arts fans and especially amongst the ranks of the amateurs and semi pro fighters, all of whom fought with the spirit of tigers.

Battleground V Fightzone, MMA Photo 1

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Notably two fighters from two different fight teams in York. Out of Team Lutador came first time in the cage Lewis Matthews. Lewis told me he's been cutting his weight to make 72kg, but at the last minute was asked to take on the 74kg Gavin Bork. Lewis said he thought about it for only a few minutes before calling Cliff to accept the fight. That in my opinion is the true spirit of a real fighter and it showed in the cage too. Bork came out punching and kicking and for a moment it looked like he might overwhelm Matthews, but Lewis took a step back and gained his composure, then as Gavin stepped into range again Lewis took him into the clinch. The fight went to the ground with Bork on top getting into the half guard and trying to go for the mount, but Matthews was having none of it, he pulled Bork in and and swept under his opponent, catching him out with a triangle, ending the fight with the victor Lewis Matthews by Triangle Choke, at 1 minute 51 seconds, in the first round of his first fight.

Then right after another impressive victory for the York based fighters, as Wes Nunns defeated Sean Beckwith at 48 seconds via rear naked choke. Definitely some quality MMA talent emerging from the fight teams around North Yorkshire these days.

Team Lutador coach: Dale Roberts told me afterwards, he was extremely delighted for Lewis, he said " He stayed calm, cool and kept to the game plan." Adding "I'm also made up for Wes and proud to have trained with both of these great fighters."

Full MMA Fight Results

Amateur MMA Fights

Kai "K1" Wan 62kg defeated Chris Samil 62kg - Unanimous Decision.
Daniel Bloomfield 66kg defeated Robbie Pope 66kg - R1 / Armbar / Time: 1.26.
O. Okunnu 65kg defeated Mark Pendlington 67kg - R1 / Kimura / Time: 55 Seconds.
Stuart Wells 70kg defeated Danny John 70kg - Unanimous Decision.
Lewis Matthews 72kg defeated Gavin Bork 74kg - R1 / Triangle / Time: 1.51.
Josh Kildani 64kg defeated Sam Devlin 65kg - Unanimous Decision.

Semi Pro MMA Fights

Wes Nunns 84kg defeated Sean Beckwith 90kg - R1 / Rear Naked Choke / Time: 48 seconds.
Andy Treen 72kg defeated Richard Ferenc 69kg - R1 / Armbar / Time: 1.23.
Avi Jack 84kg defeated Sean Davison 84kg - R2 / Armbar / Time: 3.52.
Steve Long 90kg defeated Gary Pearson 97kg - R1 / Guillotine / Time: 0.23.
Dave Allen 105kg defeated Neil Oxley 100kg - R1 / Rear Naked Choke / Time: 4.37.
Dale Middleton 96kg defeated Anth Jefferson 94kg - R1 / Armbar / Time: 2.22.

Professional MMA Fights

Jaime Palou 90kg defeated Pao Zoro 130kg - R1 / Ground & Pound / Time: 1.42.
Feras "KG" Saad 84kg defeated Mathieu Perrette 82kg - R2 / TKO

Report: 9 December 2008.

Photos by: Dave Roberts

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