No Japanese M-1 For A Disappointed Jimmy Wallhead

MMA Fighter Jimmy Wallhead

One of the most popular fighters in the U.K. has been withdrawn from the Japanese M-1 tournament due to an ongoing virus. The ever popular Wallhead has been unwell for over a month. Unable to shake off the virus in time to make the journey to Japan, he was eventually pulled by his management company 'Warrior Promotions'.

Speaking on the forums Wallhead's Manager Andy Lillis said “I pulled Jimmy out of the M-1 fight, two weeks ago, he actually asked for another week to see how he was, I could not give him another week as we have to get visa's sorted.”

Although it is hoped that Wallhead will be back to full fitness soon, it was decided by Warrior Promotions that Wallhead will be rested, missing the opening round of the M-1 Challenge and that he should concentrate instead on his upcoming fights in the U.K.

Jimmy Wallhead sports an impressive 15-5-0 record, his presence in the M-1 Challenge will be greatly missed.

Article: 30th March 2009. Image by: Dave Roberts

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