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MMA Supremacy (1)

Craig Lawrence and Adam Clowrey staged their first Amateur and semi pro night of MMA in Selby on Saturday night and it really was nothing less than a fantastic show.

Teams from across the north of England showcased fighters with some very spirited young men taking to the cage.

Notable fights: Wes “The Warrior” Nunns came out banging and following a punch and several knees to the head of Mike Tolson, the referee ‘Neil Hall’ stopped the fight with Wez notching up another victory.

Wes ’The Warrior’ Nunns knees Mike Tolson to the head while referee Neil Hall gets ready to step in.

Nic Richards gets Fight Live - ‘Fighter of the Night’. Fighting out of Team Lutador in York. In his first MMA fight - he took to the cage like a pro, dominating his opponent Steve Corner in all three rounds. Team Lutador increasing their unbeaten run.

Nic Richards slams a kick into Steve Corner.

Hard hitting Darren Rhodes from Caged Steel took the fight to Gary Walker of Hull MMA and paid the price of not listening to his corner, who were constantly advising him to calm down. I had him well ahead, but he simply ran out of steam and Gary with a bit more left in the tank didn’t stand on ceremony and took the opportunity to armbar Rhodes into a submission.

Finally the fearsome looking John Moor of Asylum took on York MMA’s David Bulloch. Both fighters exchanging lots of punches and kicks, but the fight ended on the ground with Moor taking out Bulloch via an armbar.

A great first show and a great atmosphere too.

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Report: 3 August 2009

Photos by: Dave Roberts

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